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Stationary systems can be
standing on the floor or ...


... as a flat surface equal
to the floor


Split system for final
check of trucks


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The system for packed goods can be fitted to (slightly adjusted) standard trailers


Positioning in front of a stationary system


Compost trailer with aluminium body and
stainless steel chaff cutter




For almost 40 years KWB bv has been designing and producing systems for horizontal loading and unloading for
use in road transport.
In the early years the belt systems were mainly applied for loose products, especially for unloading in places were
using a tipper system (because of unequal surfaces or limited height) was not possible.

Over the years the application of the systems more and more shifted to the use for packed goods; because of the
rather constant speed from the belt system it is relatively simple to load/unload from/to automated stationary systems.
These systems are mainly used for shuttle transport between production location and storage location.

At first the systems were delivered under the name “KWB Los- en laadsystemen”, because of a broader application
for the systems, we chose to go on as “KWB Transportsystemen” in the year 2000 and also registered the brand
name “Gocargo” in that year.